The Best Paper Sculptures Art


The Best Paper Sculptures Art Paper is an amazing material! The couple of talented artists,  Allen & Patty Eckman,  discovered paper pulp sculpture in 1987, and since then their work is considered to be the premier of the industry by many critics. Most of their daedal creations shows Native American scenes. If you like The Best Paper Sculptures Art or other photos & images on this website, please share it. Сохранить Сохранить Сохранить

Wonderful Fairy Door Ideas.

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Wonderful Fairy Door Ideas. Fairy door is an amazing piece of home decor. It can be made as a separate, standalone decoration attached to a wall, tree base or some other place to hint an entrance way to magic fairy world. Also fairy doors can be made for miniature fairy houses.  Children believe that fairies live in tiny homes in magical fairy garden. So making one of these adorable crafts will give you a great opportunity to entertain kids with fairy-related activities and games. It can be made of various…

Nina Morrow Driftwood Jewelry

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Nina Morrow Driftwood Jewelry. Wooden jewelry are often a popular fashion statement these days. Nina Morrow is one of the well-known wooden jewelry designers in US.She started her  business by working with driftwood for jewelry making. Her creative driftwood jewelry accessories were made by using minimum number of tools what keeps them unique and close to nature. She shapes, burns and colors driftwood pieces into jewelry that is at once bold, playful and organic. read more on Nina Morrow page.

Wooden Cityscapes Carved by James McNabb

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Wooden Cityscapes Sculpted by James McNabb James McNabb had grown in New Jersey and was inspired by the Manhattan skyline. Now  he makes one-of-a-kind wood sculptures at his studio in Philadelphia. And his wooden cityscapes are fantastic! Here are his impressive The City Series, an amazing art set of wood sculptures, made out of scrapwood  with a bandsaw, passion and true love to wood woks . James McNabb website If you like James McNabbs Wooden Cityscapes  and other photos & images on this website, please share it.

Custom Fire Pits

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Custom Fire Pits. A cool addition to any outdoor space is a fire pit. This fire pits are a unique art piece that brings magic to your property. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, sharing exciting stories, or both, a Custom  Fire Pits make it unforgettable.

Unique Origami Creations By Joseph Wu

Unique Origami Creations By Joseph Wu Joseph Wu lives in Vancouver and makes his living doing origami, he is a commercial illustrator with a passion for paper. Joseph has modeled tons of creatures and creations alike. Look and enjoy! Be sure to visit Joseph’s homepage for many more of his great creations, and while you’re at it, you might want to visit his Flickr page.